Quality virtual infrastructure built for the high demands of gamers

End of Reality is a clear choice for Virtualization. We have 10+yrs experience, and thousands of instances have been created on our infrastructure! We utilize SSD's for increased I/O performance in our shared environments, and our Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) utilize completely isolated resources for near bare metal performance. Choose from our virtual server options below.

Gaming VDS

Our Gaming Virtual Dedicated Servers run on a high-performance KVM-based Virtualization. All of our VDS plans are fully managed and include our TCAdmin Control Panel!

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KVM Performance

KVM brings higher performance virtualization that gives you full root or remote admin access at a price point that gives you a great trade for value versus cost with the option to run not only Linux but Windows as well.

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Open VZ

OpenVZ Virtualization is best used for Web Applications, Apache, MySQL & Mail Servers! OpenVZ is an extremely cost-effective solution for hosting with full root access.

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